Discussion Questions for the week

When was the last baptism you witnessed?

What do you remember from the baptism?

What do you think baptism means?

Why do you think John was hesitant to baptize Jesus?

Acting on the Word

At least once each day when you come into contact with water, stop to remember the promises of baptism.

Daily Readings

Sunday, January 8

Matthew 3:1-17

Monday, January 9

Psalm 2

Tuesday, January 10

Malachi 3:1-3

Wednesday, January 11

Isaiah 40:1-5

Thursday, January 12

Mark 1:4-11

Friday, January 13

Luke 3:1-22

Saturday, January 14

John 1:19-34

Reflection Questions on the Daily Readings

What words or phrases stand out to you?

What questions or insights does this reading raise?

What do these passages say about Jesus and his purpose?

Thursday-Saturday: How are the other Gospel accounts of Jesus’ baptism the same as Matthew’s? How are they different?


Next Week: Tempted in the Wilderness Matthew 4:1-17