Discussion Questions for the week

Who in your family is most interested in genealogy?

What family stories have been passed down to you?

Acting on the Word

Ask others in your family what family stories are most important to them. (Or, ask your friends this same questions). How is/was God at work in those stories?

Daily Readings

Tuesday-Friday’s readings concern the women mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus (the Matthew 1 reading). It is very rare for women to be named in genealogical lists in the Bible. Matthew no doubt wanted those reading or hearing his Gospel to remember their stories.

*On Thursday, if you have time, you may want to read all of the book of Ruth for the fuller story.  (It’s an engaging, easy read)



Sunday, Dec 25

Luke 2:1-20

Monday, Dec 26

Matthew 1:1-17

Tuesday, Dec 27

Genesis 38:6-30

Wednesday, Dec 28

Joshua 2:1-21

Thursday, Dec 29

Ruth 3:1-18*

Friday, Dec 30

2 Samuel 11:1-26

Saturday, Dec 31

Matthew 1:18-25