Discussion Questions for the week

What are your favorite kind of Christmas lights? Why?

What is your first memory of a Christmas candlelight service?

Why do you think the Bible talks about light so much?

Acting on the Word

Pay attention to the lights you see this week: both Christmas decorations and “utilitarian” lights. What do they help you see, or what response do they evoke in you? Offer up a prayer of thanks for all these lights.

Daily Readings



Sunday, Dec 11

Isaiah 9:2-7

Monday, Dec 12

John 1:1–5

Tuesday, Dec 13

Luke 2:8–14

Wednesday, Dec 14

Isaiah 42:5-7

Thursday, Dec 15

Isaiah 60:1-5

Friday, Dec 16

Luke 1:68–79

Saturday, Dec 17

Luke 2:29–32

Questions for Reflection

What words or phrases stand out to you?

What does this passage say about what Christmas about?

What does this passage say about light?