Discussion Questions for the week

When has Christmas not felt like “Christmas” to you?

What does it mean to “feel like Christmas”?

How would you describe what Peace is or feels like?

Acting on the Word

Pray the Magnificat (Mary’s song, Luke 1:46-55) each day this week. Pay attention to the words. Reflect on what they can tell you about the meaning of Christmas.

Daily Readings



Sunday, December 4

Isaiah 60:3-6

Monday, December 5

Luke 1:46-55

Tuesday, December 6

Matthew 2:7-11

Wednesday, December 7

Matthew 2:13-23

Thursday, December 8

Matthew 3:7-12

Friday, December 9

Luke 1:5-25

Saturday, December 10

Luke 1:57-59

Reflection Questions on the Daily Readings

What words or phrases stand out to you?

What questions or insights does this reading raise?

What does this passage say about what Christmas about?

Is there peace to be found in this passage? If so, where?