Discussion Questions for the week

When have you received mercy from someone? Justice?
What does it mean to walk humbly with God?
What does it mean to do justice?

Acting on the Word

Show mercy to someone this week.

Daily Readings

Sunday, Nov 13 Micah 6:1-12 What God Asks
Monday, Nov 14 Micah 1 Judgment and Doom
Tuesday, Nov 15 Micah 2 Social Evils Denounced
Wednesday, Nov 16 Micah 3 Wicked Rulers
Thursday, Nov 17 Micah 4 Peace and Promise
Friday, Nov 18 Micah 5:1-15 God’s Challenge
Saturday, Nov 19 Micah 7 Prophecy of Restoration



Reflection Questions on the Daily Readings 

What words or phrases stand out to you?

What questions or insights does this reading raise?

In what ways have God’s people broken the covenant?

How will God renew the covenant

Next Week: For Such a Time as This (Esther 4:1-17)